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I have done a fair bit of research into property investing in the way of books, seminars and mentoring and this book is by far the best free resource I have used. In fact I would go as far as to say it is as useful as a £1000 3 day course I paid for and attended.The book covers lots of areas and is quite specific in how, what, where and when to buy property. To be honest, after reading this book there is no reason why you couldn't put all the variables into action and begin investing.

Jonjo Burke

This would be good for newbies, but also has good reminders for the more experienced investor. It's a down to earth style, where you can dip in and out. The content flows well through the different rules & strategies for sourcing & buying the best investment properties. In fact I am going to lend the book to someone who may be interested in property, as I think it would reassure them on a lot of scores.


Presented in a practical, straightforward style, this is an invaluable aid for anyone attempting to navigate the investing minefield and it will ultimately help you achieve success as an investor.

R. Golightly

Well, this book is terrific. Presented in a light style it bounces along and succinctly covers a lot of ground. There's an integrity to the presenter, you believe him. He comes across as a man who has genuinely created a successful property investment business and is not another jump on the bandwagon property 'guru'.


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